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Sure, we've all had those cards that would be lookin' great if not for that little stain, piece of tape, water damage, etc. What shall we do? Some of us just resign ourselves to stuffing the card in the binder, feeling a sense of defeat. This is a page for the rest of us. If you've ever wanted to "improve" your cards yourself, this is the place for you!

DISCLAIMER: OBC assumes no responsibility for any foolishness you may demonstrate by reading this page, following our advice and then finding that your card has been ruined. In other words -- fix at your own risk!

Send your own home fix-it suggestions to the webmaster!

Warped Cards

I remember when I was a kid, I put the cards on my mom's ironing board, covered them with a towel, and put a hot iron on them for a while. If I remember correctly, it worked pretty well. But don't take my advise and try this on any important cards until you've tested it for yourself. My method was hardly scientific.

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